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Who Wouldn’t Go See ‘John Daly: The Movie’?


Coming soon to a multiplex near you: a movie biopic about the life, loves and losses of one John Daly, who has turned failure, setbacks and redemption into an art form. Daly announced his intentions to write a book – on which the movie would be based – and the subsequent big screen adaptation that would detail the ups and downs of everyone’s favorite PGA loser before a practice round for an event on the Australian PGA tour.

Daly has nominated – who else? – The King of Queens star Kevin James to portray him in his huskier days, but would like to see Matt Damon (?) play the leaner, in-shape version of himself.

“I just saw Matt Damon, how he swung a golf club, and I thought if I ever made a movie, I want him to be me,” Daly said. “The tough part is who would play me at 290 pounds. Now Kevin James, he’s my bud, but he’d be good.”

Daly, continuing his thoughts on how the movie could take shape, was concerned about one aspect of the casting for the film:

“The problem is who is going to play all the ex-wives?” added Daly, who has four ex-wives, to laughter.

Touche, Mr. Daly. Touche.

Daly’s troublesome life has “Hollywood” written all over it – producers gush over stories like Daly’s –  so we shouldn’t be surprised if this idea actually takes flight. The only thing that could derail it from being the Feel Good Hit of the Summer is Daly writing the source material. I simply do not see him as the literary type. Perhaps he could find someone to ghost write it for him, because I don’t see a publishing house taking a manuscript seriously that has buffalo wing sauce smeared all over it.

One question remains: who would direct it? Personally, I see the source material being a perfect fit for someone with a steady and gifted directing hand like Clint Eastwood. Or possibly the Farrelly brothers.

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