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Things Are Tough All Over For Stalker Of Bob Uecker


And why would it?

A Wisconsin appeals court has upheld a lower court’s ruling that a woman suspected of stalking of Milwaukee Brewers announcer Bob Uecker is still not permitted to attend Major League Baseball games that Uecker is covering, which I guess would be all games played involving the Milwaukee Brewers. Counsel for the stalker argued it was a violation of her Constitutional rights, but to no avail.

A court commissioner issued the four-year injunction against Ann Ladd of Prospect Heights, Ill., after Ueker, the Milwaukee Brewers play-by-play radio man, complained that the woman harassed and stalked him for years.

Uecker said Ladd approached him after games he worked, hiding and then jumping out unexpectedly to talk to him. She once followed him to a road series between the Brewers and Pittsburgh Pirates, staying on the same floor of his hotel and finding him at the pool.

Man, how low down on the worthy-of-stalking totem pole is Bob Uecker? Even I have to reluctantly admit to being a huge fan of his Miller Lite commercials from way back when, but there has got to be better stalking alternatives. Was Chip Caray too famous or something? I don’t know, maybe this Ladd broad was a huge Mr. Belvedere fan or something, but then again, who isn’t, right?

And if I have learned anything, it’s that if one woman finds a man stalker-worthy, there are sure to be many others. But let this ruling be a lesson to any potential Bob Uecker-obsessed women of Middle America: nobody said it was going to be easy.

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