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Mark Cuban Goes All Out On WWE Raw

As you may recall, the Sportress had news last week regarding Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s upcoming appearance on WWE Raw. Well, said appearance occurred last night and it ended excellently, culminating with some wrestler guy slamming Cuban through a table.

Cuban was moderating a debate between WWE champion John Cena and challenger Sheamus when things got a little physical. Cuban tried to separate the two, and got shoved to the mat by Sheamus.

An irate Cuban then got up and got in Sheamus’ face, shoving the WWE superstar down.

I have never claimed to be a great professional wrestling mind – even if I was, I probably wouldn’t admit to it – but that was pretty cool. I believe more owners of professional teams should make appearances on wrestling shows. If I could, I would nominate Al Davis as the next guest host.

Every NBA ref’s dream comes true: Mark Cuban gets put through a table on WWE Monday Night Raw [L.A. Fabulous Forum]