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Last Call: i-Booze Edition


Sad news to report out of the Seattle area. i-Booze, a company which provided the wonderful service of taking online orders for delivery of sweet, sweet alcohol, have recently seen there ability to sell booze severely handicapped by government bureaucrats due to one little, measly technicality:

They never secured a liquor license. D’oh!

For Techflash has delivered the information that not only has i-Booze failed to secure a license to sell liquor but that its enterprising founder, Karim Varela, uncorked a plea bargain on two misdemeanor charges of selling alcohol without a license and illegal possession of alcohol with intent to sell.

Yeah, that’s not good. So there you have it: a wonderful idea squelched due to negligence and flat-out stupidity. i-Booze has since changed its name to Dilky and if you go to their website, you will see that they are working diligently on getting that liquor license. Not too diligently, though, as the last update was posted on August 22nd. D’oh, indeed.


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