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U.S. Curling Team To Begin Selling Condoms


With the anticipation of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver beginning to heat up – the opening ceremony will take place on February 12th – the United States curling team, in partnership with longtime sponsor Kodak Technology Group, are seizing the day in an effort to promote what you could nicely call a fringe sport. Attempting to take advantage of the time when people just might pay the tiniest bit of attention to their sport, they are going to try raise interest even higher – and promote AIDS prevention awareness at the same time – by selling condoms.

“The platform that USA Curling can leverage is the Olympic exposure and excitement around the Olympics,” said Rick Patzke, USA Curling’s chief operating officer. “I’m sure it’ll bring more fodder for talk shows and things like that. But it will bring attention to the central message, which is safety and education and awareness for safer sex and HIV prevention.”

Awesome. As you can see above, the mascot for the fledgling condom endeavor is a curling stone. They are calling them Hurry Hard Condoms, “hurry hard” being a curling term that the “skip” which means the player who calls the shots, yells at his teammates to inform them to sweep harder and faster.

As you can plainly see by its overly-simplistic design, the official site of Hurry Hard Condoms is in its infancy.  Hopefully, the designers of the site will jazz it up a bit in the coming months. You know, so it doesn’t look like a Word document.

Nevertheless, you have to give them credit. Sure, curling is very popular in Canada, but you will not find many people here in the Lower 48 who could tell you the first thing about the sport of curling, so promoting the sport with a great marketing gimmick is a great idea. The fact that they are also using the opportunity to promote a worthwhile cause only increases the overall appeal of Hurry Hard Condoms.

Heh. Hurry hard. If I had a nickel…

No, I don’t know what that means, either.

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