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Happy Birthday, Katarina Witt!


For those of you too young to remember – which would probably be all of you young whippersnappers – Katarina Witt was a superstar figure skater from East Germany (yes, there was an East and West Germany at one time) that melted the West’s hearts and raised our collective Democratic libido with her sexy, sultry brand of Communism, winning Olympic gold medals 1984 in Sarajevo and again in 1988 in Calgary.

Well, today is Katarina’s 44th birthday.  And I must admit, she looks as great as ever.

Although Witt was a very popular figure skater, some may best remember Miss Witt from her 1998 Playboy pictorial – when she was 33 years old – which at the time was only the second issue of Playboy in the magazine’s long history to ever completely sell out. Some would say the popularity of her photo spread was due to her reputation as a figure skater. I would counter that it might have had just as much to do with her breasts – which were (and still are) fantastic. Go see for yourself, if you like. I’m sure the photos are out there for your perusal.

And yes, this post is mostly me trying to make amends for starting the day off with a photo of Amelie Mauresmo. So, we’re square now, right?

Let us all free skate in honor of Katarina Witt [Game On!]