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Adrian Peterson Likes To Drive Fast


Before the Vikings beat the Bears Sunday afternoon, running back Adrian Peterson got busted for speeding over the weekend. He was clocked by the fuzz going 109 mph in a 55-mph zone while driving in Edina, a Minneapolis suburb, on Saturday night. No word on whether a girlfriend was chasing after him.

Peterson was driving his BMW on a state highway in a 55-mph zone. Anderson says he was given a citation and allowed to drive away. She called it a “very routine” traffic stop.

Peterson tells The Associated Press he didn’t realize how fast he was going. He said he “got a little speeding ticket” and said he planned to be more careful.

Hoo boy, 109 mph? That’s pretty fast. You know, he’s right. He really should be more careful…when he’s carrying a football! BAM!

You know, because he seems to fumble a lot. No good? No?

And further, of course it was “a little speeding ticket.” Anything in Adrian Peterson’s hands probably feels little to him. I mean, have you ever tried shaking his hand? It’s like a vice grip!

Alright, I’m done.

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