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Robin Williams Proves You Can Be Horribly Unfunny And Still Offend Brazilians

Robin Williams

Seriously, when is the last time this guy did anything funny? Mork & Mindy, maybe? The secret to making acting all coked-up and manic funny is to be coked-up and manic. Otherwise, it just comes off as hacky.

Anyhow, Robin Williams has become Inimigo público número um in Rio di Janeiro after his comments on The Late Show With David Letterman regarding the Carnaval-loving city’s successful bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics – at the expense of Chicago’s desperate attempt to host the Games.

Williams, in that awkward delivery only he has mastered (much to my annoyance), stated that Rio di Janeiro was successful in its bid because it sent “50 strippers and a pound of blow.” Oh snap! A burn? Perhaps slightly. But either way, it sure makes me wish I was on the International Olympic Committee. My teeth are getting numb just thinking about it.

Well, being the hot-blooded people that they are, the residents of Rio are mightily pissed off at the comic. The mayor has accused Williams of being jealous and the clip of Williams making the joke on Letterman has become angst-inducing fodder for news shows all over the country, much like this one:

I have no idea whatsoever what that lady was saying, but I just listened to it a bunch of times. What a wonderful language. Not a bad looking gal, either. Sure, she doesn’t bring the sexy like Katie Couric does on a nightly basis, but few do. Except Brian Williams. RAWR!

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