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Josh McDaniels Apologizes For Getting Caught *GASP* Swearing On The Sidelines


As many of you probably saw evidence of before the NFL Gestapo attempted to stomp out all video traces of the incident, Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels was caught screaming at his players for blowing a drive by having three false starts – probably in an attempt to pump them up – during Denver’s 26-6 curbstomping of the New York Giants on Thanksgiving evening and during said tirade, a “motherfucking” was caught being expelled out of the fiery coach’s mouth by NFL Network cameras.

I know! Won’t somebody think of the children?

The NFL Network jumped first, immediately apologizing for having the expletive broadcast to the dozens of homes that actually can get the NFL Network. McDaniels, for his part in the gaffe, initially played it off with a snarky remark, saying, “It’s the NFL Network. Doesn’t surprise me.”

And although that total burn on the quality of NFL Network programming was clever, it probably didn’t sit to well with the suits at the NFL, because lo and behold, there was Josh McDaniels on Tuesday apologizing for…swearing. Because, you know, no one ever swears on an NFL sideline. Most coaches and players prefer employing the Socratic Method to discuss issues that arise during the game.

For those who haven’t seen it, I managed to find one video of it that NFL Stormtroopers haven’t shut down yet:

Nevertheless, more than likely to appease the powers-that-be, McDaniels offered a mea culpa:

“I want to make sure I apologize for anybody that was offended with the language that I used the other night on the sideline during the game.”

“I certainly didn’t intend for that to come across in that fashion. I hope that never happens again and I’ll try my best to make sure that it doesn’t from my end. But anybody that was offended by that, young or old, I know that’s not the kind of example that I want to set or we want to set here with the Broncos organization and would ask people to accept that apology for that incident.”

Yeah, makes total sense. First of all, if you are offended by the thought that there might actually be profanity used on the sidelines of a game where players attempt to maim each other, I think you’re missing the point. It’s a man’s game, and men swear. At least real men swear, do you know what the fuck I’m talking about, you goddamn dipshits?

If anyone is at fault, it’s the morons in the production truck that missed the “motherfucking” in the first place. To their credit, the NFL Network did apologize and said that is looking into ways to prevent an incident like this from ever happening again. Makes sense, because I’m fairly confident that you won’t find an edict anywhere in the NFL rules or code of conduct guidelines that dictate no profanity is to be used at any time during the game. I understand that McDaniels probably had little choice but to apologize, but really, he shouldn’t have had to in the first place.

Do you know what I mean? Fuck that fucking shit, man. Fuck. Motherfucker.

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