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ESPN Is Not Going To Rest Until There Is An Fargo


With the cities of Chicago, Dallas and Boston having already been conquered, ESPN has set its sights on Los Angeles as the next lucky American city to have its own dedicated site under the ever-reaching, all-powerful Los Angeles is set to launch on December 21st. Lucky them.

Heading up the charge to generate a buzz about L.A. being the next city where tWWL will take complete control of its sports coverage is ESPN and ABC Sports President George Bodenheimer (Bodie!), who sang (sung?) the merits of having ESPN come into your town, to, um, party down.

Bodenheimer, speaking at the prestigious Reuters Global Media Summit in New York, spoke very fondly regarding the possibilities (and the profits – ooooooh, the profits!) such an endeavor can bring about for the Worldwide Leader in Sports.

“Over time, I expect those (local sites) to be significant profit drivers for our company.”

Indeed, Bodie Boy. But it’s not going to stop here. The B-Man already has plans to set up shop in New York City, although no date has been set, Bodenheimerrama hopes that it will launch prior to opening day of the MLB season.

And if you think that New York is where it is going to end, think again, buddy boy. It appears that if the Boden-Boy has his way, your city could be next:

ESPN also will roll out the local websites in some of the more than 600 markets where it has radio affiliates, he said.

“Just because we don’t have a local radio sales force is not going to be an inhibitor. We’re just going to have to look at a different model,” Bodenheimer said.

“There’s a lot of opportunity here,” he said. “I would rule nothing out. Every town in America considers itself a sports town.”

GAH!! When will their hunger for complete domination cease? When will ESPN be satisfied that they have completely blanketed sports coverage and suffocated every other sports media outlet out? ESPN Juneau? ESPN Topeka? Their bloodlust cannot be quenched. They are like the Legion of Doom of Sports Media. And Chris Berman is their version of Solomon Grundy.

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