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Tony Dungy Refutes The Laws Of Mathematics To Illustrate His Non-Interest In The Notre Dame Job

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Now that just about any person with previous coaching experience (Pat Summitt, you’re next) will have their name bandied about as a possible replacement for Charlie Weis as head coach of the Notre Dame football program, Tony Dungy has decided to launch a preemptive strike regarding the speculation that he will be a candidate to fill the rather large void created by Weis’ absence. In fact, Dungy doesn’t even care about mathematical principles as they pertain to his non-interest in the job. Via The Huddle:

“Is there anything less than a 0% chance of that happening?” Dungy said to ESPN. His comments echo those he made two weeks ago that he’s not interested in a coaching job at any level.

First, I am no mathemagician and I could be totally wrong about this, but I’m fairly certain that there is no such thing as a negative percentage.

Jeez, a person must really want to make a strong point to casually fly in the face of thousands of years of mathematical theory. To the souls and legacies of great mathematicians from Pythagoras to Sir Isaac Newton to that dude from A Beautiful Mind, Tony Dungy says “Screw you guys!”

Tony Dungy: ‘Less than a 0% chance’ he’ll become Notre Dame coach [The Huddle]