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This Just In: Canadians Love Their NHL Hockey

don cherry

In one of the most unbelievable outcomes in the history of humankind, NHL was the most searched for item this year on Yahoo! Canada.

Yahoo! Canada says in a statement that despite a year with persistent fears about the economy and swine flu, Canadians still managed to have a little fun as sports and entertainment topics dominated the top 10 most searched terms of 2009.

“Although sports and pop culture-related search terms always do well on the list, you could argue that interest in these topics is even higher during tougher economic times,” says Derek Chezzi, managing editor of Yahoo! Canada.

I, for one, am incredibly relieved that despite all of the trials and tribulations that Canadians have gone through in the past year, including a dramatic increase in polar bear attacks and maple syrup shortages, they have steadfastly refused to give up their love of NHL hockey. Good for you, Canadians. If only Gary Bettman gave a shit about you, which he doesn’t.

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