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The Future Is Now: 3D Sports On Television Is On Its Way


Although it has been a hot topic of discussion and anticipated for many years, finally we have solid, real-world confirmation: courtesy of Sports Media Blog comes news that by mid-2010, Sky, a British satellite television service party-owned by Rupert Murdoch, will launch the Sky 3D channel and intends to begin broadcasting soccer matches in 3D, and one can only assume that we will see similar technology make its way to the United States shortly thereafter. Far out, man.

How does it work, you ask? Obviously, the technology is way over my head, but this article sheds some light on it.

To record live football games, Sky will use pairs of HD cameras to grab wide shots that replicate human’s binocular vision.

Close-ups will be covered by standard 2D cameras but the image will be ‘dropped back’ slightly in the stereo field to make shots fit together. Sky has tried 3D close-ups but concluded that currently the effect is jarring.

Once again: far friggin’ out.

Watching sports in 3D will require glasses, just like when you watch a movie in 3D at the movie theater, only instead of those flimsy, piece-of-shit red and blue ones we have grown accustomed to, the glasses used for Sky 3D will be “more solid, wraparound glasses with clear polarised lenses.” Oh, and anyone who wants to watch Sky 3D in their home will have to upgrade their television sets to a component that can interpret a 3D image, although Sony (along with many others) already have already begun to to market and sell 3D televisions earlier this year. In fact, Sony anticipates that by 2012, 30%-50% of all sales will be comprised of televisions with 3D capability.

Unfortunately, besides the fact that 3D televisions will likely cost more, the glasses (at least in Sony’s case) will be sold separately at about $220 a pop.

But if you think about it, ultimately, won’t it be worth it? Can you even begin to imagine how watching a sporting event in 3D will enhance the overall viewing experience? I can’t even begin to wrap my brain around it, but to be honest, that happens to me quite a bit. All I know is it is an amazing time to be alive.

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