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Last Call: ‘It’s Surprising That A Bar Named Butt Ugly’s Saloon Would Have Two Burglaries In Two Days’ Edition


Butt Ugly’s Saloon, a bar located in the above-pictured idyllic setting of Waterloo, Iowa, has had a rough go of it since it opened on November 1st. Besides having the name Butt Ugly’s Saloon, the tavern was burglarized twice in less than two days over the Thanksgiving holiday.

According to police, employees noticed someone took an undisclosed amount of cash after entering the bar’s office area Thursday. Then about 6 a.m. Friday, Waterloo officers were called back to the tavern for a report of another burglary. They found someone was inside and arrested Kelly McCoy, 21, of 615 Courtland St., when he exited, police said.

McCoy was arrested on charges of third-degree burglary and possession of marijuana with intent to deliver. Police found 11 bags of marijuana and $38 in cash, according to the police report.

Alright, here’s my question: why would someone who has decided to commit a burglary bring along 11 bags of weed inside with them? That boggles the mind. Buy hey, maybe that’s just how they do it in Iowa.


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Coyoyte Ugly‘s John Goodman!

Unbelievable, right? I had no idea John Goodman was in Coyote Ugly, either!

Alrighty then, the floor is yours. Do whatever it is you people…do.