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Jason Whitlock Makes Me Laugh


I suspect that some of you might be making the assumption that I am being sarcastic with that statement, but it’s true. There is nothing more amusing than reading a Jason Whitlock column. Sometimes, it’s because of his self-righteous indignation is worthy of a chuckle, perhaps a guffaw. Other times, and this is when I love reading his columns the most, it’s because he has no qualms about taking often well-deserved shots at his journalist colleagues.

That is precisely what occurred in Whitlock’s most-recent column, “Tiger doesn’t owe us an explanation,” where he explains why, um, Tiger doesn’t owe us an explanation.  Duh. Do I have to explain everything to you people?

Below is the zinger, where he takes a low-blow – literally – at Mike Lupica.

It’s not the lead talking point for Mike Lupica on “The Sports Reporters.” When Lupica suggested on Sunday that Tiger needed to handle his driveway fender-bender the way A-Rod handled his steroids controversy, I damn near fell out of my hotel bed in anger when Bill Rhoden didn’t leap from his chair and slap the former dwarf bowling champion.

Now, I’m working on the assumption that Lupica has never in fact been a dwarf bowling champion but Whitlock is instead poking fun at Lupica’s diminutive stature. At least that’s what I hope he was doing.

On second thought, the idea that Lupica is a dwarf bowler – or would it be that Lupica uses dwarves to bowl? – paints a pretty amusing picture as well. So I guess it’s a win-win.

Wait. Now I remember where that dwarf bowling reference is from – he used it one of the other times he mercilessly hammered on Lupica – during the Jason Whitlock Celebrity Journalist Roast post. Hoo boy, that was a doozy.

Oh, and he actually makes a compelling argument as to why Tiger doesn’t owe us an explanation – which is a good thing when you consider that was the title of the post. What if he would have written a column under that headline about how Tiger actually does owe us an explanation? That would have been pretty silly.

Tiger doesn’t owe us an explanation [FoxSports]