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Hines Ward Is A Dick


You read that right. Don’t let the devil-may-care, goofy-grinning demeanor fool you. Hines Ward is a total dick.

Heading into their game against the Ravens Sunday night, the Steelers were already kind of a mess. Struggling through an injury-plagued and lackluster season, Pittsburgh found themselves sitting at 6-4 and trailing the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC North.  So why did Hines Ward decide that the time was right to call out Ben Roethlisberger for being so selfish as to follow the advice of team doctors and sit out Sunday night’s game due to lingering post-concussions symptoms during an interview with Bob Costas? The friggin’ nerve of Roethlisberger, right?

Video and text via Mondesi’s House:

“This game is almost like a playoff game,” Ward told NBC’s Bob Costas. “It’s almost a ‘must’ win. So, I can see some players or some teammates kind of questioning like, ‘Well, it’s just a concussion. I’ve played with concussions before. I would go out there and play.’ So, it’s almost like a 50-50 toss-up in the locker room. You know, should he play, shouldn’t he play. It’s really hard to say.

“I’ve been out there dinged up. The following week, [I] got right back out there. You know, Ben practiced all week. . . . To find out that he’s still having some headaches and not playing and it came down to doctor’s didn’t feel that they was gonna clear him. . . . It’s hard to say, unless you’re the person. . . . I’ve lied to a couple of doctors saying ‘I’m straight, I feel good,’ when I knew I’m really not straight. But I don’t think guys really about the future when they’re playing currently in the NFL. . . .

“Trust me, the players, they wanna go out there because these games, you don’t get back. You’re never gonna get this Baltimore-Pittsburgh game back.”

What an enormous jagoff. While it is true that many players have stretched the truth regarding the severity of the injuries to get back on the field, there was no way Roethlisberger could have convinced the doctors that he could play, especially in light of the NFL finally realizing it is time to start addressing the concussion issue more intently.

Further, if Ward had a problem with Roethlisberger sitting out, he should have been a man and spoke with Roethlisberger personally, not stab him in the back in an interview. Pulling shit like this never works out well for teams. In-house shit should remain in-house. Calling a teammate out during a nationally broadcast interview will only cause derision and separation in the locker room. Maybe Ward was right, that the locker room was already split on whether Roethlisberger should have played, but airing a team’s dirty laundry will only force the issue out into the forefront and now every player on the team will be required to address the issue.

For a “team leader,” Hines Ward sure pulled a moronic move here. Let’s hope that taking a shit on another one of the team’s leaders doesn’t fracture the team and irreparably damage Pittsburgh’s chances of reaching the postseason.

Actually, I couldn’t care less about the Steelers. They just won a goddamn Super Bowl. Screw that team. In fact, you know what? Keep it up, Hines. That punk Troy Polamalu needs a dressing down for being injured all of the time, too.