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Even Lindsey Vonn’s Small-Town-Girl Good Looks Couldn’t Help Her Over The Weekend


Lindsey Vonn, arguably the greatest female skier in U.S. history, struggled mightily over the weekend, failing to qualify for a second run in both events she competed in – the Giant Slalom on Saturday and the Slalom on Sunday during Aspen Winternational – ending a disappointing weekend at the only U.S. stop for women’s World Cup racing.

“There were some weird things going on this weekend,” Vonn said. “I was a little bit unlucky, but hopefully, that’s out of the way.

“I did my best. I came in here well-prepared and positive. But my husband said lightning struck twice this weekend, and I think he’s right.”

Indeed. But whoa whoa whoa. Husband? What gives?

Considering that Vonn has 22 World Cup wins and won back-to-back overall World Cup titles in 2008 and 2009, the fact that she didn’t even qualify for a second run is disappointing to say the least. Not that it will affect her marketability – Vonn currently is the spokesperson for Under Armour’s cold-weather gear and has also been featured in Cover Girl ads and also has endorsement contracts with Pantene Shampoo, Red Bull and the Vail Ski Resort.

Vonn, a native Minnesotan (woot!) was the subject of a feature story in my local paper, the Star Tribune, over the weekend, which some of you may find interesting. Others, and I think I know who you are, might find the below photo gallery even more titillating, although I suspect some of you may wish alpine skiing outfits were a little more revealing.

But in all honesty, watching Miss Vonn take on the slopes is truly a sight to behold in and of itself, so that’s one reason to be excited for the upcoming Winter Olympics. Plus, she’s from Burnsville, Minnesota, just a stone’s throw from where yours truly lives. Call me, Lindsey! We can meet on the Bunny Hill.

Vonn ready to forget lost weekend [Star Tribune]
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