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Well, If Anyone Knows About Mistakes, It’s Brady Quinn


Showing loyalty to his old college coach for two seasons, Cleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn says that firing Charlie Weis would be a mistake if Notre Dame does in fact do what pretty much everyone is certain is going to happen.

“I hope not,” Quinn said when asked if he expected a coaching change at his alma mater. “Personally I think it would be a horrible decision if they did make that change. I think there are a lot of circumstances that play into seasons like this. Hopefully he’ll have an opportunity to have another year with the guys.”

Quinn was so impressed with Weis during the time they spent together that he would welcome the opportunity of having the embattled Notre Dame coach as his mentor once again if things don’t work out in Notre Dame.

“It’d be nice,” Quinn said. “I’d like to play under him again if I had the opportunity. It’d be cool.”

Play under him? Come on, Brady Quinn, you’re making it to easy. Talk about low hanging fruit.

Ultimately, loyalties aside, perhaps Brady Quinn has a point here. No one has ever said the kid is stupid – perhaps somewhat naïve – and as I mentioned above, Brady Quinn knows all about mistakes. Who else would have  allowed themselves to be photographed in such ridiculous poses so many times?

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