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The USC-UCLA Rivalry Is On Like Donkey Kong


Caught up in the buildup of the USC-UCLA matchup on Saturday, some hooligans – most likely hooligans with an affinity for USC football – decided to play a prank by vandalizing the Bruins mascot (located on the Westwood campus of UCLA) by throwing cardinal and gold paint on it. And wouldn’t you know it? Cardinal and gold just so happen to be USC colors! Snap!

…UCLA spokesman Phil Hampton said it’s unclear when the statue, which had been wrapped to protect it from harm,¬†was vandalized. But it could have been between 10 p.m. Tuesday and 6 a.m. today, when the paint-splattered bear was discovered.

Unfortunately for the individuals who perpetuated this “harmless” prank, authorities are not looking upon it as such. In fact, police are treating the incident as a felony vandalism case, so the revelers responsible for the act could be facing some serious trouble if they are caught.

The two universities usually take the necessary precautions to avoid these kind of unfortunate episodes, so it is a mystery as to how someone managed to, you know, breach the nearly impenetrable, fortified, plastic tarp covering the Bruin and pull off such a dastardly deed.

Can you imagine what sort of shenanigans may have been attempted had either of these teams been actually good this year? I shudder to think of what kind of heinous acts would have been committed.

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