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The Morning Bowl (November 25th): People Are Thankful And Why Shouldn’t They Be?

bowl-smoking• MJD tells us about the seven NFL-related things he is thankful for. [Shutdown Corner]

• Over at WL today, Punte will be featuring several people detailing what they are thankful for this holiday season. Well, would you look at who was lucky enough to snag one of the spots? Hint: it’s me.  [With Leather]

• Jay Mariotti is probably not thankful that people are intent on making him more famous. [Deadspin]

• One Detroit Lions fan is so thankful for Matt Stafford, he has started up a Facebook group, cleverly titled “The Staff Infections.” Well played. [Second String Fullback]

• I am personally thankful for the feature, “Jersey Fouls.” [Puck Daddy]

• I am also thankful for the Rex Ryan character that KSK created. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

• Finally, I am very, very thankful that LeNoceur keeps cranking out NSFWednesday posts. They keep getting better, and today’s is particularly awkward. [Melt Your Face Off]