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The Extraneous Apostrophe In ‘Nacho’s’ Wouldn’t Prevent Me From Eating Them


If you’re anything like me – gluttonous with little regard for your heath – you are a big fan of nachos. I like them in every variety: melted cheese, liquid cheese, with toppings, just a pile of chips with a pound of medium cheddar melted on them – it really doesn’t matter to me. I could eat nachos every day and never tire of them. You could say I have a problem, but let’s be honest – I have far bigger fish to fry than my dependence on salty, cheesy snacks. Speaking of which, I sure could go for some beer-battered panfish right about now.

Matt Sebek from Joe Sports Fan stumbled upon this sign while attending a St. Louis Rams game last Sunday (poor bastard) and had to point it out. “Nacho’s”? What the hell? I can speak from personal experience that using the possessive form of “nacho” can be accurate. After a plate of delicious nachos loaded with jalapenos, nachos can, in a way, totally own you.

St. Louis Sports Venues Challenged By Spelling of “Nachos” [Joe Sports Fan]