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It’s 4:19, You Gotta Minute? (November 25th)

4_19• Egad! Ric Flair bare-assed is not a pleasant sight. *urp* [Total Pro Sports]

• Somebody has already come up with a Jimmy Clausen getting punched video parody. [Busted Coverage]

• In light of PETA’s suggestion that Georgia’s new mascot be a robot, EDBS introduces you to ROBODAWG. [Every  Day Should Be Saturday]

• Here’s a photo from a Natalie Gulbis shoot with a little bit of asscrack showing. Too bad it’s not Natalie. [Waggle Room]

• This Albert Pujols Christmas ornament could possibly be nightmare fuel. [FirstCuts]

• Dammit, that ref didn’t mean to high-five Vince Young! Let it go, people!  [Shutdown Corner]