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Chicago Columnist Steve Rosenbloom Finally Realizes What Chicagoans Have Known For Years


In a mea culpa of sorts, longtime sportswriter Steve Rosenbloom acknowledges in a post in his aptly-titled blog found on the Chicago Tribune‘s website, Rosenblog, that he is, in fact, a complete idiot – although he does offer a caveat that he is alluding to only his idiocy regarding one particular topic – but I think we all know the score. Referring to himself as the “Mayor of Stupidville,” Rosenbloom, in anticipation of the first meeting between the Vikings and Bears this season, takes himself to task for his initial views on how the Bears trading for Jay Cutler and the Vikings luring Brett Favre out of retirement would pan out for their respective teams:

When the Bears traded for Cutler, I had them at 13-3. I thought they finally solved the most vexing problem in franchise history. I knew the defense wasn’t as good as the one that went to the Super Bowl, but I thought the quarterback they just acquired would make up for it. Plus, they has a tailback coming off a good rookie season.

Then when the Vikings got Favre, I had the Bears at 14-2, and here’s why:

I was convinced Favre would make the audibles all about him instead of Adrian Peterson, who apparently causes so many owwies that the Bears just avoid tackling him altogether. I was convinced Favre would force passes and fade late. Well, if the 10th game of the season is considered late, then consider that Favre just “forced’’ enough passes to complete a career-high 88 percent and threw four touchdowns before Cutler overthrew the Bears’ slim playoff chances.

What a moran. I’m surprised this Rosenbloom fella hasn’t swallowed his own tongue by now.

Nah, I’m just kidding. To be honest, I’m not too familiar with his work, although I understand he is a relatively well-respected member of the journalism community, for what that’s worth. But I believe a person who goes by the handle “rudolpho” who commented on Rosenbloom’s self-flagellating post perhaps summarizes best many Chicagoans overall opinion of the esteemed writer:

you’re not expecting us to argue with you are you?

Game, set, burn.

This village has found its idiot [Rosenblog]