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What Is The Deal With Sport Of Lacrosse And Rape Allegations?

sacred heart

According to police, three Sacred Heart University lacrosse players  have been charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree sexual assault, due to allegations that the attorney for one of the players insists are gross exaggerations.

Wayne Keeney, who represents 19-year-old Timothy Sanders of Ashburn, Va., says Sanders and the 18-year-old female student were having consensual sex when two teammates sneaked into the dorm room as a prank.

But he says the other two students — 19-year-old Nicholas Travers of Smithtown, N.Y., and 18-year-old Zachari Triner of Marshfield, Mass. — had no sexual contact with her. She has said Sanders held her down while the other two raped her.

Not surprisingly, as the case is only in its initial stages, details are very sketchy right now and it would be wise not to jump to any conclusions at this point. No one wants to end up with egg on their face, a situation so many others found themselves in the wake of the Duke lacrosse rape scandal. Isn’t that right, Selena Roberts?

What I find most odd about the story is that there is actually a university named Sacred Heart. Who in their right mind would name a school after the hospital from Scrubs? That’s just weird, man.

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