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Last Call: ‘Club Beyond In Easton, Pennsylvania Sounds Like A Wild Place’ Edition

club beyond

Club Beyond, a bar located in Easton, Pennsylvania, is drawing the ire of area prosecutors due to a rash of unsavory incidents, up to and including the owner of the bar, Kirtikuma Patel, facing charges of tampering with evidence in an attempted homicide investigation. Authorities would like to see Club Beyond closed down, citing its reputation as a “nuisance bar.”

In focusing on Club Beyond, Morganelli underscored problems that include a March drinking party that authorities say involved 98 underage students, charges against a bouncer accused of assaulting a patron, and the arrest of owner Kirtikuma Patel, 46, of Piscataway, N.J., who allegedly told employees to mop up blood and other evidence after a stabbing Oct. 31 in the club’s bathroom.

Sheesh. Only 98 underage drinkers? That’s nothing. But I don’t think I want to go hang out at a place where they have to mop up blood – even if it was only once.

Alright, there’s your tale from the seedy underbelly of America’s dive bars for today. On to the usual routine.



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