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Los Angeles Residents Already Asking About Tickets For NFL Games For Team That Doesn’t Exist Yet


Hey, Los Angelinos: you’re doing it wrong. One of the key components that needs to be in place before tickets are sold for NFL games in Los Angeles, is, you know, an NFL team in Los Angeles.

But that hasn’t prevented them from inquiring about the availability of tickets for games for an unnamed team in a stadium not even constructed yet.

John Semcken of Majestic Realty Co. said Monday that the stadium Web site has received more than 105,000 requests about general admission tickets, 36,000 about club seats and 3,200 about luxury suites. About 75,000 seats are planned.

These poor, misguided and optimistic souls are playing right into Majestic Realty’s hands. In this era of personal seat licenses and the like, I’m surprised Majestic Reality Co. didn’t ask those dumb enough to inquire to plunk down ten grand simply to guarantee themselves a chance to buy season tickets if and when a team ever arrives. But how many communities are there that would be gullible enough to fall for a scheme like that?

Oh, lots of them? Huh.

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