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Does Anybody Know If There Is Such A Thing As ‘Holistic Chicken Wings’?

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Not only is Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams enjoying a career renaissance in football, he is also expanding his business interests outside of football by becoming part owner of a restaurant. His new venture, named PROOF, opens tomorrow in the Z Ocean Hotel in Miami.

The menu, featuring 65 food options and 22 cocktails, includes a Ricky’s Picks section with four dishes — margarita pizza ($14), black bean burger ($12), rice noodles and tofu ($18) and mushroom and assorted vegetables risotto ($18). There also is seafood, steaks, hamburgers and sushi, among other dishes.

Williams said when he goes out to dine, “I have to order sides because I’m a vegetarian. Now I can order entrees.”

I wasn’t aware of it, but it’s hardly shocking that Williams is one of them damned vegetarians, given his affinity for practicing New Age philosophies, and far be it from me to judge how someone else lives their life. But come on, man, a black bean burger? Unless it’s made out of the flesh of a slaughtered animal, it ain’t a burger, no matter how you form it and cook it. What’s next? Soy ribs?

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