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Wake N’ Blog For November 20th: Growing Meat In A Laboratory? That’s Kooky Talk!

wake-n-blogNFL. Miami Dolphins 24, Carolina Panthers 17. Ricky Williams ran for 119 yards and scored three touchdowns as Miami has now won four out of their last six games. [Yahoo!/AP]

NHL. Chicago Blackhawks 7, Calgary Flames 1. A five-goal second period propelled Chicago to an easy win as they went 4-5 on the power play for the game. [ Scoreboard]

NBA. New Orleans Hornets 110, Phoenix Suns 103. Peja Stojakovic scored 25 points, including seven three pointers, and 13 rebounds as New Orleans won its second game in a row. [ Scoreboard]

In a world where we wouldn’t get meat from animals, would that mean Soylent Green wouldn’t be made out of people? Scientists have managed to grow tiny nuggets of meat in a laboratory, thus ending human’s dependence on animals, which I think is just wrong. Nothing makes a cow happier than getting slaugthered for my Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese. A side note from the article: there is a link to another article that details how scientists have been able to develop artificial penis tissue on rabbits, so, there you go. [MSNBC]