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Today’s NHL It Gets High On You And The Space It Invades It Gets By On You?


Drumming icon Neil Peart of Canadian prog rock gods Rush has signed on to create a special rendition of “The Hockey Theme.” Peart, a member of the Canadian Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and an Officer of the Order of Canada is thrilled to be part of the project.

“Having started out as a Canadian kid who skated on his ankles, and never made a hockey team, it is particularly sweet to be invited to be a part of this national institution – if not on skates, then on drums, performing Canada’s ‘second national anthem.’ At last I’ve made the Big Leagues!”

Friggin’ awesome. Even more awesome? They didn’t go with fucking Nickelback.

Peart’s version of the song will eventually be heard on TSN and RDS broadcasts once completed. As you may be aware,  “The Hockey Theme,” originally written by  Dolores Claman in 1968, is often lovingly referred to as the second Canadian national anthem and was the longtime theme music for Hockey Night In Canada until the CBC and the song’s owners couldn’t come to an agreement on how much the rights were worth. CTV, the owners of TSN and RDS, promptly snatched up rights to the song.

Of course, TSN is equally pleased with Peart’s involvement with the project.

“To have a music legend and a member of Canada’s rock royalty like Neil Peart record his version of The Hockey Theme speaks volumes about the song’s place in psyche of hockey fans across the country and around the world,” said Mark Milliere, Vice-President, Production, TSN.  “It is an honour to have Neil put his rock spin on this iconic tune and we’re extremely excited to add his interpretation to our NHL ON TSN broadcasts.

Man, I bet Bryan Adams is one pissed off dude right now. I mean, more than usual.

And for those of you who are unfamiliar with Peart’s prowess on the skins (nerds), what does watching this nine minute drum solo do for you?

Once again. Just awesome.

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