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Well, If Michael Strahan Disagrees With Bill Belichick’s Decision, What’s The Point Of Discussing It Any Further?

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Sporting News writer Vinnie Iyer must have drawn the shortest straw at a staff meeting because he had to suffer the indignity of having to interview former NFLer/Fox talking head/”actor”/Subway pitchman Michael Strahan and attempt to decipher the goofball’s thoughts on football and somehow miraculously transform them into an interesting article. Let’s just say Iyer made the most of it.

Most of Strahan’s thoughts are predictable, non-controversial and boring¬† (he likes the Saints out of the NFC!), but when he gets the opportunity to expound on Belichick’s decision to go for it on 4th and 2 against the Colts on Sunday, hoo boy, you better watch out, because fur (and possibly some enamel) began flying:

I would have punted the ball, played it a little bit safe. His defense had been playing well for the most part. Have belief in them that you go out there and stop (Peyton Manning) on an 80-yard drive. Obviously he believed in (the defense) because if they didn’t get the first down, they could stop them on a 28-yard drive.

Controversial! Strahan really stuck his neck out with that one. That sort of insight is why he makes the big bucks, kids.

Here, I have an idea for Strahan: how about he goes far away, leaves us alone and we’ll forget about how his season sack record was a complete sham. What could he do? Anything but acting is all I’ll suggest – that Brothers show can’t still be on, can it? But what? I don’t know – maybe he could be a quality control consultant at a toothpick factory? If the toothpicks can fit lengthwise between the gap in his front teeth, they’re too short.

Hey, it’s an idea. At least I’m trying here. I wasn’t sent to some fancy university on old toothpick money,¬† like the rest of you.

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