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Wake N’ Blog For November 17th: Ungenius! ‘Unfriend’ Named Word Of The Year

wake-n-blogNHL. Washington Capitals 4, New York Rangers 2. Alexander Ovechkin returned from a two-week layoff due to injury and scored a goal to lead the Caps past the Rangers. [ Scoreboard]

NBA. Denver Nuggets 130, Toronto Raptors 112. Carmleo Anthony led the way with 32 points and J.R. Smith added 29 as Denver improved to 8-3 on the season. [ Scoreboard]

MMA. Brock Lesnar was released from a hospital in North Dakota on Tuesday after being hospitalized for a bacterial infection after having minor surgery. It is still unknown how the illness will affect his career. [Star Tribune]

I have lost respect for the New Oxford American Dictionary. Due to its popular use on Facebook, ‘unfriend’ has been named Word of the Year. Whoo.  Christine Lindberg, a Oxford lexicographer, claims that unfriend has “real lex appeal.” Seriously? [AOL/AP]