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The Swedish Chef From The Muppets Gives This Goal Celebration Four Out Of Five ‘Borks!’

What we have here is 18-year-old Swede Henrik Andersen celebrating a nifty forehand-to-backhand-through-the-defenseman’s-legs goal for his Swedish Tier 2 team Leksand, the first of the season. Things didn’t go well or as planned when Anderson breaks through the glass by the endboards and winds up on his ass outside the rink.

Thankfully, according to Sean Leahy over at Puck Daddy, Andersen was not injured and his team went on to beat Bjorkloven 4-0.

Bjorkloven? Hey, I love the Icelandic singer-songwriter as much as the next guy – which is not at all – but there’s no way I’m naming my team after that nutjob.

His crash through the glass reminds me of Minnesota Wild enforcer – and one of my all-time favorite players – Derek BOOOOGAAARD!!, and how he went flying through the glass on a missed check during his time in minors. Video after the jump.

Awesome. You have to love the Boogeyman. The guy is like a runaway train on skates, which when you think about it, doesn’t make much sense as the train would never stay on the tracks. Huh. I guess I don’t really know what I’m trying to articulate here.

Video: When Swedish goal celebrations go wrong [Puck Daddy]