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I Guess This Means Michelle Wie Is Only Going To Win 23 Times Next Year


Bad news, fans of female golfers – I’m sorry, I mean the LPGA Tour (the photos of Anna Rawson will always be findable). There are only 23 tournaments scheduled for next year on the LPGA Tour, down from 27 this year and 34 in 2008.  Just so you know, that’s not a lot of tournaments. To stretch out 23 tournaments over a LPGA Tour season, there will be 17 off weeks. Of course, the poor economy was blamed, so said Golf Digest‘s LPGA writer Ron Sirak (via Devil Ball Golf):

“The 2010 schedule was put together under extremely trying circumstances: A mix of a bad economy and bad blood among tournament owners left over the the Carolyn Bivens commissionership. Many of the tournaments acting commissioner Marty Evans was able to lure back returned at lower purses.”

Well, isn’t that just sour grapes for Michelle Wie. She finally wins her first tournament on Tour and now they are drastically slashing opportunities to pad her growing resume.

But that’s fine with Michelle. 23 consecutive wins is still 23 consecutive wins, right?

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