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That’s Sir Nick Faldo Now, You Bloody Wankers

Nick Faldo

Six-time Major winner and arguably Britain’s greatest golfer ever, Nick Faldo was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in a ceremony at Windsor Castle on Tuesday, calling it an “unbelievable experience.” Said Sir Nick:

“I had dreams as a young boy of being a golfer and winning tournaments, but you don’t dream of this.

“When I found out in the summer, my first thought was of riding my bike through the woods to the golf course when I was just starting out.

“I played my first round of golf on my 14th birthday.”

Reflecting on his conversation with Britain’s head of state, Faldo added: “The Queen said: ‘You’ve been in the game a long time’.

“I said: ‘Yes, ma’am – for 30 years’.”

I have always been a fan of Faldo’s and really enjoy his work as a golf analyst on CBS, although how he puts up with the syrupy prose coming out of Jim Nantz’s mouth without strangling him I will never understand.

Now that he’s a full-blown knight, does that mean he gets a suit of armor, too? Because that would be so cool. I hope he at least gets a bitchin’ helmet or something.

Still, as an Englishman, it must be pretty humbling to be knighted by the Queen. Can you imagine how much inbreeding was required through the generations of British aristocracy to end up with Queen Elizabeth II? Tons. Tons of inbreeding.

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