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Saudi Arabian Soccer Player Scores Goal In Two Seconds

Scoring in two seconds? Boy, does that measurement of time take me back to the night I lost my virginity.

Nawaf Al Abed, who plays for Al Hilal, a Saudian Arabian soccer club, scored a goal two seconds into a match against Al Shoalah in a Prince Faisal bin Fahad Cup match.

Al Abed took the opening kickoff and, noticing that the Al Shoalah goalkeeper had come well off his line, tried an improbable shot from near the halfway line. The ball soared and dipped and came to rest in the net. Al Abed did a little dance before being mobbed by teammates.

Big deal. Al Shoalah stinks. I bet he couldn’t have accomplished this feat against a real squad, like up and coming club Al Jarreau. Those boys are smooth.

Nawaf Al Abed scores the fastest goal in soccer history — two seconds! [The Fabulous Forum]