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Larry Johnson Is As Masterful At Stating The Obvious As He Is Spewing Homophobic Slurs


Maintaining that he can still play the game at a high level, Larry Johnson appeared on Dan Patrick’s radio show earlier today to give his side of the story as to why he was released from the Chiefs. With barely a hint of self-awareness or how his actions may have contributed to the situation, Johnson simply claimed “it was just time” for him to leave the Kansas City Chiefs. Wow, look at the big brain on Larry! You think?

“If anybody likes losing, they shouldn’t be playing this game,” Johnson said.  “It left a bad taste in my mouth every game we were losing… You just felt like you were useless. …  If I was frustrated and upset, it was mainly for myself.”

Believe me, Larry, I hear you. I know whenever I’m frustrated with how things are going, whether it be in my personal or professional life, it always helps me to cough up a snag and spit at someone. Afterward, if someone chooses to criticize me about it – didn’t I just say I was frustrated? – I call that person a fag and tell them how much more money I make than them. You know, if I had a nickel for every time I have had to go through a similar situation, I’d probably have as much money as Johnson has likely pissed away in future earnings by continually being one of the NFL’s all-time, colossal douchebags.

Johnson also goes on record as saying he believes him being less than 100 yards away from breaking Priest Holmes’ franchise record for rushing may have had a part in his release. The 2.7 average yards-per-rushing attempt probably didn’t help much either. Or ripping on your coach while cocking off to anyone and everyone on Twitter. Or…

Need I go on?

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