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Lawrence Taylor Waltzed Away From Fender-Bender, Subsequently Arrested For Leaving Scene Of An Accident

Lawrence Taylor

If all Lawrence Taylor had to do to get arrested was to leave the scene of an accident, authorities could have handcuffed him months ago after his appearance on Dancing With The Stars.  Zing!

No but seriously, folks (do you like that? I’m trying out a new “hack comic” delivery – is it working? No?), LT was arrested in Miami-Dade County yesterday evening after authorities were notified of a white car missing a front tire that was involved in an accident on the Palmetto Expressway leaving the scene.

Just off the next exit on the Palmetto, Hialeah police spotted the white car off the road. Taylor was standing outside, talking on his cellphone.

“He said he had been involved in a crash,” [Highway Patrol Lt. James] Durden said, adding Taylor said he thought he hit a guard rail and not another car.

“No injuries, significant damage to both vehicles,” Durden said.

Thankfully, there were no injuries, but I want to know just how far Taylor drove his car while it was missing one of its front wheels. Years ago, I was driving early in the morning and up the road a ways there was a car shooting off sparks. When I finally got up next to the vehicle at a stoplight, the left front tire was missing. I looked over at the guy in the car and he gave me a “What in the hell do you think you’re looking at?”  glare, which I guess was fair since I was driving a motorcyle with one wheel at the time. Never did find that other tire.

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