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I Heard This Guy Once Beat Dr. James Naismith In A Game Of HORSE

Pete Ryan

Maple Valley, Washington resident Pete Ryan just celebrated his 80th birthday on Sunday and he spent the day doing what he does three to four times a week: playing a game of pickup basketball.

Ryan picked up the game in 2001 after his wife of 43 years died to help pass the time, and has been playing ever since. But how does he keep going?

“I get a cortisone shot now and then,” he said. He puts on a Velcro brace around his right knee for some extra support.

A little discomfort?

“Oh, I manage. You just keep running,” he said.

If you’re one of those middle-aged guys who gave up basketball, Ryan wants to give you hope.

“Start out slow and get in shape. Start running, and never stop running,” he said.

Yeah, I was all motivated to start playing basketball until I heard about all the running you have to do. Screw that.

Honestly, I can’t even imagine what I’ll be doing at 80 if I make it that long. Sometimes, the act of setting up the Xbox to play a game of NBA 2K10 is too much effort for me right now.

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