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Dying Medium Blows The Lid Off Brand-New Phenomenon: NFL Players Using Twitter

Boston Herald

Just when everybody thought the newspaper industry was preparing to get read its Last Rites, it pulls a stunt like this…and totally redeems itself as a credible source for up-to-the-minute breaking news items.

If some blogger would have ran with this story, I would never have believed it, but when THE Boston Herald pays one of its journalists to dig deep and find the real story within the story, you know it must be true.

Here it is, kids: there are several NFL players out there that are using this newfangled thing called Twitter. Say whaaat?

As the league, its teams and hundreds of players adjust to the newest trend in technology and fan connection, they’re all learning at the same time that Twitter and other social networking sites are the league’s newest Venus fly trap: come on in and get comfortable – but know that there are consequences.

Nah, I’m (kind of) messing around. It’s a fairly lengthy and pretty interesting read by Kent Babb about the pitfalls (and possible benefits) of social networking as it pertains to the professional athlete. I just find it amusing picturing some old guy opening up his paper this morning and reading this story and thinking to himself, “Twitter? What the heck is that?”

Ha. Old people are funny because they don’t keep up with current technology.

NFL players open views to their world 140 characters at a time [Boston Herald]