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Alexander Ovechkin Is No Yakov Smirnoff

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Alexander Ovechkin strikes me as someone who would have an incredible sense of humor, but one of his jokes fell flat over the weekend when he reportedly jokingly told a reporter that he may be out more than a month and the reporter ran a story on his comments.

Ovechkin, who was quoted by Yahoo! on Saturday night as saying he could miss four or five weeks, insisted his left shoulder was not affected by the still unspecified injury, animatedly flexing the joint and telling reporters with a smile, “The shoulder’s fine, see?”

Huh. I don’t get it. Maybe it was funnier in his native Russian. Just like Dostoevsky. That dude was friggin’ hilarious, right? I heard the Mad Russian was a huge influence on Lenny Bruce.

Ovechkin: I was only joking about missing a month []