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William C. Rhoden Just Blew The Lid Off This Whole ‘How Do The Yankees Do It?’ Conundrum

willam c rhoden

Like the rest of us, renowned sports columnist for The New York Times (and movie afficianando) William C. Rhoden just watched the Yankees win their 27th World Series title. But unlike us, William C. Rhoden wasn’t satisfied with the theory that the Yankees were simply the better team this year. No siree, Rhoden just knew that there was more to the story. So, like any competent journalist, he tackled the issue head on: what do the Yankees do (or have) that allows them to consistently be competitive year after year after year? Brace yourselves, folks: this one is a goddamn powder keg:

The Yankees have a lot of money.

Blew your mind, didn’t it? In his most recent column, “It’s About the Money, and the Yanks Have a Lot,” Rhoden argues that since Major League Baseball does not have a salary cap and the Yankees have more money to spend than other teams they compete against, the Yankees are in a more advantageous position than other teams in Major League Baseball to acquire high-priced free agent talent. I told you this guy was good.

The Yankees are one of the few teams that can harbor realistic dynastic aspirations. With 27 World Series championships, the Yankees may be the only franchise that even thinks in those terms. A season that does not end with a parade is a failure; a season that does not end in a postseason appearance is a disaster.

You see, the Yankees, because of their seemingly unlimited cash flow, demand more out of themselves in terms of success than other teams that do not have the necessary means for the necessary means to pursue dynastic aspirations.

But what about next year? Will the Yankees once again attempt to field the most competitive team they can and spend the money needed to do so? Mr. Rhoden says yes.

If Matsui or Johnny Damon do not return, the Yankees may go after St. Louis outfielder Matt Holliday. Need one more starting pitcher? Why not go after the Los Angeles Angels’ John Lackey? Posada has two years left on his contract. Who is to say that as Posada winds down, the Yankees won’t go after Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer? The franchise has its shopping cart out.

Beware. With checkbook in hand, the Yankees may be coming to a neighborhood near you.

Damn you, New York Yankees! Stay out of neighborhood!

Thank you, William C. Rhoden. Everything makes so much sense now.

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