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Tay Zonday Approves Of Reggie Jackson’s ‘Chocolate Rain’ Story


The year was 1978.  The kids of America were grooving to the sonic stylings of “Shadow Dancing” by Andy Gibb, chasing their troubles away for a couple of hours by taking in the lighthearted comedy, The Deer Hunter, at the drive-in, and eating the coolest, most happening candy bar, Reggie!, named after the biggest baseball player on the planet, Reggie Jackson.

Reggie was  fondly recalling the great times of 1978 on his weekly show on Sirius’ Mad Dog Radio when he relayed a story about how in April of that year during the season opener at Yankee Stadium, he found himself getting pelted by the fans in the stands with his eponymously-named confectionery treat after they were given out for free.

Jackson had just hit a home run and as he rounded third base, he noticed that Reggie! chocolate bars were raining down upon him.

“I was concerned that people didn’t like [the candy bar],” Jackson said. “Standard Brands and Curtiss Candy out of Chicago, they thought it was the greatest PR thing they ever could’ve dreamed of because they got like two and a half minutes of airtime on national television. They really thought that it was wonderful. I was nervous that people didn’t like it.”

Of course people liked it. Peanuts, caramel and chocolate? How couldn’t you? Remember, this was back before every other kid on the planet had a goddamn peanut allergy.

In fact, I remember having quite a few of the tasty candy bars when I was a wee lad – yes, I am that old – they were quite good. Far better than the Billy Martin Candy Cigarettes that were going around in those days.

After the jump, the retro Reggie! candy bar commercial.

Ahhh, memories. Reggie never looked better. And Tay Zonday has never felt like eating a candy bar as much as he does right now.

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