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New Mexico Lobos Soccer Player Elizabeth Lambert Is Hungry Like A Wolf

Maybe, she’s not hungry, per se, but how else would I have been able to incorporate a Duran Duran reference into the title? Answer me that.

Clearly, Miss Lambert was not happy with how things were going during New Mexico’s Mountain West semifinals match against BYU. Things sure were chippy even before Lambert’s violently sexy deed. It had all the appearances of a soccer game that broke out into a ladies wrestling match. The Fabulous Moolah would approve, if she wasn’t, you know, dead and stuff.

One thing is for sure, Elizabeth Lambert is one bad-ass, soccer-playing chick. Hair-pulling in soccer? I say yes. Definitely yes. More of it, please.

I think we should get Miss Lambert and her hair-pulling victim together to make peace. All we need is some pillows and to somehow convince them to start a tickle fight with each other. That sure would be a hoot.

Another video (in HD!) of only the hair-pulling incident after the jump. Because hey, why not?

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