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John Candy Is Probably Rolling Over In His Grave


Well, as long as they buried him in a adequately-sized casket, because the man was quite large, and it would be difficult to roll over. But that’s another story for another time.

Anyhoo…jumpin’ Jesus on a pogo stick! The Jamaicans are back at it again – trying to bobsled their way into the world’s heart with their uncommon obsession with an unconventional sport.

Two decades after the original Jamaican bobsled team, whose story turned into a terrible Walt Disney film, the Jamaicans are making an earnest attempt to qualify for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. And they don’t want to hear any crap about Cool Runnings, mon.

This is very real for a new generation of Jamaican sledders, a group that cringes at any “Cool Runnings” parallels and insist that not only are they serious about their sport — but that maybe, just maybe, they’re good enough to surprise at the Vancouver Olympics.

“People do not understand: This is my passion. This is our passion,” said Hannukkah Wallace, the team’s driver. “I really want to get an Olympic medal. It’s all I’ve ever wanted. I really, really, really need it. And if they ask me about the movie, I tell them, the movie was a comedy, but our crashes our real.”

The AP story is actually a pretty interesting read, so if you have a moment, take a look. It’s chock-full of interesting tidbits (did you know that the entire island of Jamaica doesn’t resemble the fancy resorts that tourists frequent? There’s actual people living in poverty there! Wha?).

I wish the team the best of luck and hope they somehow qualify. Not only because it would be a great story, but because Kevin James needs an acting gig really bad, man.

Jamaicans find ice slippery on way to Vancouver []