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Hey, Miami Herald Headline Writer: You’re Doing It Wrong

Miami Herald

I understand what they’re getting at: the Florida Gators are beginning to use the “I-formation” much more recently and that we should expect to see it even more often as the season finishes up. But this isn’t the way it’s supposed to go – everybody knows you are supposed to find letters within the word you are referencing. Maybe the guy (or gal) is simply trying to be clever and to them, I say: bully. Bully on you, trying-to-be-clever-headline-writing-guy (or gal).

See, I would have went with “Florida Gators put ‘seen’ in offense.” Alternatively, “Florida Gators put ‘foes’ in offense.” But neither of those make any sense nor are they clever so why would I do that? I’m not a Miami Herald headline writer up against a deadline.

Geez. Lay off, people.

Florida Gators put ‘I’ in offense [The Miami Herald]