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Tony Romo: ‘I Will Not Allow Roy Williams To Divide This Team’


Romo was forceful and super cereal in his statement regarding a possible rift between him and the disgruntled wide receiver. But later, off the record, Romo¬† added, “My lackluster play and boneheaded decisions down the stretch will take care of that on its own.”


Apparently, the latest soap opera out of Dallas is that Roy Williams is bitching about how Romo throws better passes to other receivers and some such nonsense. Williams has tired to allude to, in a veiled manner, that he is not the next T.O. by saying, “I’m not a T.O. or I’m not trying to be a T.O.”

Wait, that’s actually pretty clear, but simply by claiming you’re not T.O. yet seemingly acting like T.O. doesn’t necessarily jibe, get it?

Either way, Tony Romo will not allow this to break up this average Cowboys team. Like I mentioned above, if anyone is going to break apart this team, it’s going to be its leader, and that leader is Tony Romo. Respect!

“I don’t look at the numbers,” Romo said before Thursday’s practice at Valley Ranch. “We’ve been through this before with people trying to intersect and divide a football team. This team is too strong from the core.

I guess what Romo is trying to say here is that the Cowboys are like a giant Jawbreaker candy. A Jawbreaker, being strong to the core, cannot be divided. You can, however, chuck it against the wall and shatter it in a million pieces. Maybe the Cowboys are too strong to the core when you think about it, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Thinking about it, that is, not trying to chuck the Cowboys team against the wall like it was a piece of candy.

Of course, we all know who is to blame: the media. Damn media.

“I know the media is going to make certain things appear what they may not actually have been or things of that nature. This team is too committed to winning and too committed to improving to let anything like that or anything [the media] may present to us divide this team.”

Commit! Too strong! To the core! Improving! Valley Ranch!

Mmmm…Hidden Valley Ranch dressing…

Where was I? Oh yeah. Talk is cheap, Romo. Prove it on the field in December for once.

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