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The City Of Dallas Will Be Attracting A Lot Of Whores Over The Next Year Or Two


Dallas police are going to have to deal with a whole bunch of hookers invading their town in the coming months due to the NBA All-Star Game in February and when Super Bowl XLV is played in the fine Texas city in 2011. Why? Because whores are a transient population and often drag their skanky asses to wherever the gettin’s good. Duh.

At the National Prostitute Diversion Conference today, Sgt. Louis Felini said between 50,000 and 100,000 prostitutes could be in the metroplex for the Super Bowl. Felini noted that there is no way to truly predict the number of women who will come to the area for the purpose of prostitution.

You need to hold a friggin’ conference to come to that conclusion?

Dallas authorities are basing their belief that the hooker population will descend upon Dallas like a pack of gonorrhea-infested, semen-soaked locusts by the experiences of other cities that have held such events, including Tampa Bay. What occurred in Tampa and how its law enforcement community dealt with it was illustrated eloquently by Tampa police captain Brett Bartlett in a St. Petersburg Times story mentioned in the Dallas Morning News’ article:

“The sun rises in the East,” he said, “and hookers come into town during the Super Bowl.”

Indeed. Hookers are drawn to the Super Bowl like a moth to the flame, like the salmon to Capistrano, like…skanky bitches to professional athletes.

But have no fear, residents of Dallas who are not interested in getting stanky with some skanky hooker – Dallas Police lieutenant Christina Smith has got your back – and your front, I suppose – the Dallas PD are going to be ready for whatever struts their way:

“Prostitutes in general are a transient population,” Smith said. “We are definitely looking at reallocating resources, adjusting schedules so that we can meet the demands that are put on us.”

You know what? I bet if the prostitutes that will be on their way to Dallas come February had a spokesperson, he or she would say the exact same thing.

I don’t see what the big deal is – I thought everybody loves them whores…

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