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No, No, Nocioni: Kings Forward Arrrested For DUI, Is Sorry About It


Andrés Nocioni was arrested early this morning on suspicion of drunken driving.

A Sacramento police spokesman said that at about 2 a.m. an officer noticed a motorist southbound on 15th Street near L Street whose vehicle was weaving within its lane. The car turned and headed west on L Street and was stopped by the officer near Ninth and L streets.

L street? More like DUI Street, amirite?

Of course, Nocioni issued a formal, heartfelt apology in the form of statement undoubtedly written by his agent and/or Sacramento Kings representative regarding his irresponsible actions and poor decision-making:

“I made a mistake and I’m very sorry for my lapse in judgment…I want to apologize to the Kings’ organization, my teammates, my coaches, the fans, the city of Sacramento and my family,” Nocioni said in his statement. “Drinking and driving is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.”

Indeed it isn’t Mr. Nocioni. Which I’m sure is exactly what he was thinking right when he saw the police lights in his rear view mirror. Before then? Well, that’s hard to say.

In all seriousness, I hope Nocioni learns a valuable lesson from this experience: there is always some groupie or hanger-on that would happily drive an NBA player home if he’s had too much to drink. Sure, the player would probably have to bang the skank (it’s good to use a condom!) but at least he gets home safely, right? The hanger-on? Don’t sleep with him – maybe a couple of games on PS3 would probably be enough to make him happy.

The more you know…

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