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NASCAR Doesn’t Like It When Broadcasters Don’t Lie About Boring Race


NASCAR spokesman took ABC/ESPN to task in a blog post on regarding its lackadaisical coverage of the Sprint Cup race at Talladega on Sunday. Poston claims that the announcers didn’t hesitate to make their opinions known that they believed the race was boring.

Usually, TV sports analysts go to great pains to avoid even hinting what they’re showing is boring. But Poston suggested ESPN/ABC analysts, including Dale Jarrett, “certainly weren’t happy with the race and felt compelled to remind viewers of that virtually every lap. … And along the way, ABC missed a lot of very good racing.”

So, in NASCAR’s opinion – at least its spokesman – hyperbolic, innaccurate coverage is preferred to accurate, honest analysis of what’s going on in the race? Are the announcers supposed to act like what is happening is compelling when it is not? Not that I saw the race and could tell an interesting race from a boring one, to me, that seems back-asswards. If you’re trying to draw new viewers in and they are watching going “this sucks” but the announcers are implying the event is the most exciting event ever, wouldn’t that turn people off?

If overexcited, intense and energizing coverage is what NASCAR wants, I suggest they hire Gus Johnson to do the broadcasts. I’m sure he could sneak in a “Tony Stewart is really pushing his car to getting away from the cops speed” every once in a while.

Ultimately, I don’t see what NASCAR is worried about – it’s not like most NASCAR fans are listening to the race anyway. Either the Lynyrd Skynyrd is blasted too loud or they can’t adjust the volume on their television ever since Jimmy Bob tore off the volume knob so he could use it to plug the hole in the leaky tub in the yard.

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