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Oh No! Super Of Brooklyn Building Throws Away Yankees Jack-O’-Lantern, Curses Team


Of all the horrible things the super for a building could do (i.e. evict a person with barely a moment’s notice, not get someone to fix the leaky faucet in a person’s apartment, expose himself to somebody’s daughter in the stairwell), this certainly takes the cake.

The victims of this atrocity – a hate crime, if you will – are the Rocco family from the Clinton Hill neighborhood in Brooklyn. You see, the family of four die-hard Yankees fans carved the Yankees logo and the year 2009 into a pumpkin for Halloween festivities, and it sat on their stoop for a week. Lo and behold, on Tuesday, the Jack-o’-lantern was gone!

amd_yankees_rocco-familyApparently, the super of the building threw it away because it was rotting – how dare he?!? – and now the Rocco’s good-luck charm is gone, and perhaps the chances of the Yankees winning the World Series.

“[He] chopped the pumpkin,” dismayed mom Agnes Rocco said. “There’s nothing left.

“We wanted to keep it through the World Series,” said Rocco, 46. “It’s just a shame they didn’t win sooner.”

The nerve of this man! Did he not realize that the Jack-o’-lantern may have been the mystical talisman that would have ensured the Yankees World Series glory? Does he not understand how these things work? Shame on you, stupid, sucky super. This guy is by far the worst super since that meanie Bookman on Good Times.  Maybe even that sickie Schneider from One Day at a Time.

The Roccos aren’t giving up hope on their beloved Yankees, despite the horrific actions of their super.

With the orange gourd gone, he’s pulling out what he hopes will be a luckier charm.

“We wanted to do something to mark the fact the Yankees were in the World Series,” he explained.

“Now, I’ll have to wear the lucky shirt I wore to Yankee Stadium the other night instead.”

Agnes Rocco is also confident the Bombers will snag their 27th world championship.

“The Yankees will still win,” she said.

As long as the Roccos are keeping the faith, I can’t see why it won’t happen. Unless the Curse of the Jack-o’-Lantern is strong, then nothing is going to help.

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